To do this the Navy is asking companies to provide information on the status and benefits of their technology developments so that this information can be put into a media that others can easily access and review. Practical application of this technique for collision avoidance requires development and integration of a compact, rugged configuration that can provide high resolution imaging over a wide swath from a maneuvering platform, with sufficient standoff range to allow the operator to avoid the detected obstacle. Metafex for metal-fueled explosive replacement combines the technologies of explosive reaction thermochemistry and pulsed electrical power. This battery could be applied to power commercial surface and undersea marine vehicles and would be a candidate for land-based electric vehicles. Liquids have the energy and density characteristics that make them candidate for PDE fuel and provide cooling for the PDE detonation tube. The function of this material is to fill gaps or crossings, serve as a barrier or channeling material, and stabilize beaches and marshes. Medical Data Fusion Watchboard.

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This technology will improve undersea acoustic communications and other acoustic signaling.

In the option phase, a single crystal PZT stack and flex- tensional amplifier will be designed and constructed, using the selected composite electrodes and bonds, and fully tested to characterize motion, creep, hysteresis, non-linearity, force, stiffness and resonant frequency.

This capability is critical to implement the network centric warfare strategy of tomorrow that relies on rapid dissemination of information across all levels of the warfighting force. This effort will research and develop a quick response active roll control system using body roll sensors linked to the suspension system to shift the vehicle c.

Recent advances show an improved 10K refrigerator can be developed. The size of the modules will be significantly reduced bsp voice encryption will be added to further improve performance against intercept threats. A simple, quick, inexpensive and reliable large area as bpz to point-by-point method of nondestructive testing of multiple layer structures is needed as a maintenance tool.


The selection of these various technologies depend on the color, intensity, geometry and costs associated with the particular application. With constructive improvements during Phase II, this system will provide an automated, cost effective inspection of modern and future gas turbine hot section components.

The transition plan should be b;s a separate document. To ensure rapid inspection of large areas, Sensant will evaluate both a longitudinal wave and lamb-wave approach using arrays of focused MEMS transducers.

The system needs to maintain even temperature distribution “10 1F across a repair area of square inches and account for heat sinks due to fasteners and frames. The prototype should provide improved characteristics over present high-power converters. Furthermore, no current inspection technologies can inexpensively and bpx penetrate to inner layers of the foam and wood structures for inspections.

წერეთლის N99-ში, ავტოფარეხების სანაცვლოდ, სკვერი გაშენდება

A wide range of high efficiency phosphors are commercially available, having been used for fluorescent lighting and television screens for many decades. Investigate potential of design to be implemented in the containment and shipment of volatile materials. Azimuthal receive directionality would increase signal-to-noise ratios.

The integration of these two technologies is essential since both ballistic protection and containment of high pressure gases are simultaneously required for proper function of this component.

These cells have excellent power capabilities, but mission duration is limited by their energy. Packaging for this system will bs designed for a low risk and low cost retrofit to existing fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

In the past year, economic pressures and increasingly stringent federal and local regulations have reduced the number of U. Thus, the Navy requires a reliable technique for inspection large section layered composites.

New SIM/UIM card reader ,smart card reader bank card reader

Perform system and component bpe design and generate control system software code as necessary. Azimuthal transmit directionality would enhance overall network performance by reducing total transmit power, reducing interceptability, and improving multiple-access network performance.


To develop an aircraft oxygen generator for trickle-charging high-pressure gaseous oxygen supplies. Recently, MEMS inertial sensors have been recognized as valuable components for tracking body parts and objects in many applications including the development of realistic virtual reality simulations.

The objectives of this proposed Phase I SBIR effort are to develop the deign methods, manufacturing approaches, and establish preliminary performance estimates for a warhead consisting of multiple rigid penetrator segments that can be selectively deployed as a single monolythic penetrator, a column of separated penetrator sections, or a dispersed distribution of rigid penetrator segments.

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Due to our commercial experience we anticipate pursuing the Fast Track funding option which will aid in commercialization of this system. Many military and commercial aircraft use high-pressure gaseous oxygen cylinders to supply the aircrew with oxygen during emergency operations.

Evaluate and develop prototype designs for a new heat curing system. The vender must demonstrate that the design meets the requirements though laboratory tests or simulations. Factors other than distance, such as angle of incidence and complexity will be evaluated to select the structure of the image to be rendered.

Composite parts in automobiles, trucks, rail cars, shipping and pleasure craft would increase fuel efficiency, reduce damage caused by corrosion and reduce pollution. Our integration of sound audio for Schlumberger provides experience in sound integration. The Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle AAAV program office has challenged the advanced materials community to develop durable and lightweight concepts for some of the aluminum and steel components of the vehicle.

Results predicted by the program will be rigorously validated with experiment data.

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