Lowlights hair color is among the choices of enhancing the beauty of your hair. Basically lowlights could be used as a kind of preliminary round in dyeing your hair completely. You can see the look of your hair in using a specific color before really coloring it completely. Using lowlights you can get such sun-kissed […]

Rainbow hair color is the type of hairstyle that is very suitable for the teenager who has an eccentric and unique personality. For one, the rainbow color will be very cheerful and will make the looks full with color. Furthermore, the application of the color will indeed make the hair looks crowded. Therefore, it took […]

Being uncommon does not mean to looks ugly. So if you are going to color your hair consider using one of the bright hair color ideas that is uncommonly used. For some people choosing the right color is hard and takes so much time. Meanwhile some other people prefer to do a kind of trial […]

Girls will change their current hairstyle when there is prettier hairstyle that has been the popular hairstyle. The girls tend to like to follow the new trend. It means that they will always change the old hairstyle for the new one. The new hairstyle that apparently could be the next popular hairstyle are Striking brown […]

Medium copper brown hair color signifies a person who is delicate, graceful and elegant. Since people with brown hair are already rare in countries like Europe. It’s also some of the most exotic hair color a person can have. Hair color from the hue is one of the rarest hair colors. It once declared going […]

Dark copper hair color is certain hair color that appears as typical color resembles copper metal color. It displays as brown-red color with wide range of color intensities. Some colors may appear as light copper, while other remains in dark copper which has deeper color intensity. Some hairstylists recommend this color for being artificially applied […]

Hair Color for Short Hair can be a good choice if you can choose the right color. There is some of the consideration for choosing the right color. It can be your face skin color, the hair texture and the dress that you will wear for the temporary color. The best one to go is […]

If you are one of those people with dark skin, burgundy hair color on dark skin will be an option that you need to consider. It is an option of hair color that you can combine with different color option. In which each of those colors will provide you with different look. It is why […]

Looking for dark chocolate brown hair dye? Check it here. Garnier Nutrisse in shades like Sweet Cola and Dark Chocolate or Cocoa Bean. There is also Truffle or Chocolate Caramel. The line of items include perpetual hair color that ranges from light to dim shades of chocolate. The shade is said to totally cover ash […]