It also allows you to enable or disable the heaters. Lower Foil Index Sensor This sensor is located on the underside of the laminator chassis about midway between the upper and lower laminator platen rollers. Page Remove the two screws that secure the pick motor to the transport chassis, and remove the motor. Release the belt tension, and remove the transport belt. Slide the shaft out the side.

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Transport Assembly This is a general procedure for removing the transport assembly from the printer.

Datacard CP80 Plus

Do not power off the printer. Bit density, word length, and the physical length of the stripe determine the maximum record length. Free Call Motors Name Function Card Input The card input sensor is an interruption sensor that detects the presence of a card at the entrance of the printer and registers the trailing edge of the card for printing.

Input Hopper Main Enclosure prunter The image below shows the MAC Address screen as an example. Disconnect the cable connector from the bottom of the antenna board. Platen Roller Removal Procedure Turn off the printer and unplug the peinter cord.

Page Remove the drive roller: In addition, we offer order quantity discounts and many promotions such as our ongoing trade-in program. If the cable is connected properly, then the main control board is likely at fault.


Rear Rocker Assembly This procedure is for printers without the magnetic stripe option. If this procedure is being completed because the main control board was replaced, note the following items: Summary Of Specifications Summary of Specifications The preceding sections describe where magnetic data can reside on a card.

If necessary, perform additional testing on the card using the customer software application. Cleaning Rocker Assembly Cleaning Rocker Assembly When replacing the rocker assembly, it is a good idea to replace the springs as well. Replacement Notes Snap the coupler back into the chassis using the four mounting bracket locking tabs. This allows for adjusting the start sentinel position to a custom location.

DATACARD DuraGard Mil Clear Laminate for CP80 and

Email to a Friend. Ampere’s Law, it is common practice in discussion to refer to the energy transfer as “induced current.

Repeat this for the other latch and separate the two halves completely. Use a cloth dampened with water to clean the sensor reflector on the printhead cartridge.

Datacard CP80 Plus Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

Make sure the washer is between the platen roller and the transport chassis. Page of Go. Pick Roller Press in on the transport chassis locking tabs, and lift up on the back of the transport assembly. Without stretching the heater and thermocouple wires, place the slide assembly over the end of the spring. Please wait orinter the driver reads the printer.


Datacard Cp80 Plus Duplex ID Card Thermal Printer With Laminator & Many Extras | eBay

Printhead Lifter Removal Procedure Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Removal Procedure Attempting to remove the hand guard in any sequence other than that described below will complicate the procedure and may even damage the retaining posts.

This will reduce the chance of the spring flying loose when the guide is removed.

Remove the laminator entry and exit drive rollers: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The pulley’s flange is permanently adhered to the pulley.

Character Encoding These 14 characters! Page When the tabs on the chassis are clear of the openings, lift the chassis and control board out of the base.

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