The host name of the client machine to be stored in the database. Mostly with a gateway you have two type 4 connections. Determines whether the driver automatically creates required DB2 packages. If this option is unchecked, the drivers are not installed. Verify that your environment meets the requirements listed in Table before you configure the driver for Kerberos authentication. DB2 servers do not perform implicit data conversions, so specifying parameter values that do not match the column data type causes the DB2 server to generate an error.

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The amount of time, in seconds, the driver waits for a connection to be established before returning control to the application and throwing a timeout exception.

Type2/Type4 Connection

Database Connection Property The new Database connection property can be used as a synonym of the DatabaseName connection property. Determines whether the driver uses client load balancing in its attempts to connect to the database servers primary and alternate. When using an Insert statement that contains parameters, the DB2 driver supports the following form of the Connection.

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See Performance Considerations for information about configuring this property for optimal performance.

SSL is an industry-standard protocol for sending encrypted data over database connections. CatalogSchema To improve performance, views of system catalog tables can be created in a catalog schema other than the default. For the list of the connection xb2 specific to each Oracle Type 4 JDBC driver, see the appropriate driver chapter: When set to falsethe methods used to set the parameter values of a batch operation performed using a PreparedStatement must match the database data type of the column the parameter is associated with.


Spy is not enabled by default. In addition, it preserves the state of work performed by the last Select statement executed on typs4 Statement object.

Post as typf4 guest Name. Anyway, it is Friday afternoon in Denmark and I’ll go outside an enjoy the Danish “summer”: Microsoft SQL Server and higher. Data Encryption Across the Network If your database connection is not configured to use data encryption, data is sent across the network in a format that is designed for fast transmission and can be decoded by interceptors given some time and effort.

IDUG : Forums : Type2/Type4 Connection

If you know that you are sending the binary stream data to a Blob column, setting this value improves performance. A list of alternate database servers that is used to failover new or lost connections, depending on the failover method selected. The client must be administered by the same domain controller that administers the database server and must be running on one of the following operating systems: Java Keystore JKS contains a collection of certificates.

The user name is case-sensitive.

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Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. If set to 1 and the ResultSetMetaData. For DB2 for iSeries, your system administrator can determine the name of your DB2 location using the following command. Data encryption may adversely affect performance because of the additional overhead mainly CPU usage required to encrypt and decrypt data. Using the AuthenticationMethod Property The AuthenticationMethod connection property controls which authentication mechanism the driver uses when establishing connections.


If atomicWithRepositionin g, the driver fails the entire failover process if typr4 exception is generated as the result of restoring the state of the connection or the state of work in progress. To use the drivers with a WebLogic client, you must copy the following files to the client and add them to the classpath on the client:.

How to know one is using a Type 4 Driver with DB2. See Permissions for Kerberos Authentication for an example. This property is useful when individual keys in the keystore file have a different password than the keystore file.

See the following related information: New data types for DB2 v9. Windows Active Directory on one of the following operating systems: For example, the following connection URL specifies the server using IPv6 format, but uses the compressed syntax for strings of zero bits:.

The default is 1. To improve performance, xb2 of system catalog tables can be created in a catalog schema other than the default.

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