It is something I felt should be mentioned, so a potential buyer does not inadvertently damage their board. Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with I do actually take the time to completely install the board in a case when I’m reviewing it, to see if there are any “little” problems or issues that may have gone unnoticed. If you are buying a mainboard soon and are thinking about OCing that board, you will certainly want to add EPoX to your list of possibles. We tried multiple cards to no avail.

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This should provide a decent upgrade path for future considerations. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. The layout around the Socket 88kha is very, very clean. Located to the rear of the board’s DIMM memory slots, toward the top corner of the board, are some capacitors that are mounted near the corner.

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EPoX Computer EP-8KHA, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

If you are buying a mainboard soon and are thinking about OCing that board, you will certainly want to add EPoX to your list of possibles.

One of the reasons behind the super clean layout is Epox’s great ingenuity of placing the voltage regulators on the back side of the motherboard, thus reducing epos around the top. You won’t find any CNR slots on this board which is a welcome change epix the unusable CNR slots we’ve become accustomed to seeing on motherboards.

The correct settings are marked both in the manual and silk screened onto the board. Although I know there are people out there somewhere that have an AMR device probably a modem in their system, I have yet to meet or talk directly to anyone that does. These two LED displays come up with e;ox codes which you find in the back of your motherboard manual.


Subscribe to our Newsletter. But will this affect the wpox and overclockability. This situation is not present only with this motherboard, I’ve seen it now on about 3 different models all DDR boards from different manufacturers.

The utilization of V-Link is an important step up for computer motherboards. Site design and front-end production by mike kane. We noticed no decrease in stability because of it. Another point I did want to mention about the board’s physical properties is something that I’ve noticed lately with different boards and how they mount, or sit, in some small to medium cases.

Designed for the LANer, or if you have to transport your PC alot, this little white clip prevents the video card from being bumped out.

– EPoX 8KHA (VIA KT chipset) motherboard

The system would simply hang after the Starting Windows text prompt appeared after the first reboot in the installation process. Judging from the board’s layout and design, it appears to me that EPoX has been listening to the DIY do it yourself builder and has converted that feedback into this board.

Actually, it is the cleanest that I have ever seen. There are three 3-wire cooling fan headers on the board marked for CPU, power, and chassis. This information will also give you something to look for if you are considering a new case 8kya your PC. Kyle also briefly touched on his theories about the KT situation in his last review of a different KT board posted here.


Every other operation or function is controlled epod the BIOS, including all of the board’s overclocking features, which we will get to in more detail shortly. Another positive note for the board, and for overclockers, is the use of active cooling on the North Bridge and a 3-phase power supply for the higher speed processor’s greater load.

Those voltage regulators on the back didn’t hinder overclocking. The first was that for whatever reason, Windows would not get passed the non-GUI portion of its install with a GeForce3 Ti installed. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon 8kga website.

If the board stops on a certain code, you can look it up in your manual and find out exactly what the motherboard is telling you is not working. This is only an issue for those of you with many USB peripherals, which isn’t too uncommon these days. It appears now that the KT based motherboards are getting ready to step up to the call and start going head to head with the other DDR based solutions out on the market today.

I am all in favor of having board makers going to a “jumperless” design, and EPoX has come very close for us on the 8KHA.

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