I immediately loved the E3 on putts inside 10 feet, but the feel was very different for me on footers. Toney, Awesome, thanks for the response!! I hope it bleeds through to future category rankings. The Best Year for Drivers Ever? Yuck I hate Cobra for example means not giving it a fair shake.

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Is it possible in the Tableau interface to filter the performance data based on tester swing speed? On summer fairways or windy conditions this has been a fantastic add to the bag.

Half of the test rated it highly for feelmany noting that the higher loft made it easier to launch the ball high. Nov 29, 40 Comments. Also the Cleveland TFI 1. That Evnroll ER3 is a good looking putter! I am a 2-handicap with a fitted Hiro Matsumoto Putter for more eight years. Oh, and you forgot the caps lock on, sir.

Having attended golf school a few times, the instructors all checked the students on their putting set up. The group I play with that all use ProV1s are fun to play with because I can give them a hard time about buying the hype.



Frequently in a test we see some mixed feedback — half the test group loves one model, while the other half seems to dislike it. JonD 8 months ago.

With it being one length the club is an absolute sleeper. We want you to get the most out of danted money, time and performance. It is possibly the best-all rounder of the bunch. Anonymous 8 months ago. It seems that ball use comes in cliques.

The Best Blade Putters |

Kansas King 1 month ago. Ted Ebert 8 months ago. Really love the new format with greater detail after the results are published! I went ahead and made those changes. The putters are almost statistically the same as you get to the shortest distance but mean a lot more as you get further golfxpy, hence Evnroll winning. Raj LP 8 months ago. Not sure how you can get to the top 5.

JMS 8 golrspy ago.


There needs to be some interpretation as to how we get to the best from these numbers. I like having a driving iron off the tee too, folfspy are money when it comes to finding a fairway when you need it.

No one cares about your putter. This was a particularly common sentiment among our slower swing speed players. My trouble in gapping has been the 3, 4, and 5 irons not being too far from each other.

It would be great to have the raw number of putts with each score. I feel like these tests need to go in either one direction or another. I expect and intend to make long putts now. Ryan 8 months ago. One was center cut on every stroke.

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