You just basically change the settings for the cap sweep, then get the array data. You only see data for one marker at a time, even though two are displayed. Message 6 of When you click on an object it is highlighted in the plot display, so you can see what it is you’re modifying. They are available at no charge as long as you don’t specify support for an NI product. I was wondering if anyone already has a program written for extracting the data and storing in a excel or a txt file. It was of great help and the program worked like a charm.

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I labbview version 1. They are the same that are available over comms, but they are worded a little differently. Most Active Hardware Boards: I have written many programs for this, but I didn’t use the drivers.

Please let me know.

Beautiful HP 4194A Plots and Data

Go to the Instrument Driver Networkclick the search link, enter A, and download the driver. The program you supplied through this thread does a default kHz sweep for the impedance and outputs it to a spread-sheet and even plots it to the main vi. Here is an example. Click the “add file” button next to the Data File box and specify where you labiew the.


I don’t have the instrument’s manual, or even the instrument, anymore. Min, max, center, and span are not very helpful.

LabVIEW program for HP A Impedance/Gain-Phase analyzer

Message 9 of Drivers are available here. It also saves the raw data from the as a. Message 3 of Message 5 of Message 6 of You will also need to lbview assign variables to the array A locations. It is only 10 points though.

Message 4 of I am using labview for the first time, and I am trying to find where I can change the settings for the capacitance scan and output that as an array in your program. Units are shown in engineering units for all axes.

HP a Analyzer LabView Libraries?

Message 2 of All I need is, once I am done with the frequency sweep fro my experiment, I want the program to grab the data from the LCD screen and put it into a excel sheet or a txt file. Only the log grid lines for magnitude are shown; the phase trace has no horizontal grid lines at all.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Here’s the normal sequence for creating plots and capturing data using Plot and Veusz:. It’s hard to get your bearings — where are the axis and tick mark labels? When you double-click on Plot. I would also to like output Cs-Rs along with the impedance as a function of frequency and was wondering if you could guide me to do that using your program.


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4194A

Plotting Here’s the normal sequence for creating plots and capturing data using Plot and Veusz: Message 8 of I either sent the online commands for the tests, or ran a stored program and had it return the data.

How are you running your tests, and what parameters are you reading?

WHat i do now is once i am done with the frequency labviiew, I have to note down the readings by hand which is very time consuming.

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