As a side note — despite what the datasheet for L H-bridge module claims, both 1 and both 0 are giving open outputs i. Can you post connection with battery. Learn how your comment data is processed. With a claim like that I just had to buy one, but I must confess that I have no idea what I will do with it. More then enough for a small DC motor. Email required Address never made public. It seems to be designed to be used in toys and small robots.

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Do you think this would be possible? One input is used to select the motor direction while the other is used to control the motor speed. I found that the lowest stable speed was when the PWM was set to 80, up to the maximum of The truth table for a single HG L chip is as follows: More then enough for a small DC motor.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What are left and Right for? I looked for a simple module with an H-bridge type of power driver.

L9110S Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Module

This is why some of you are frying the ICs, sorry. Choose a higher performance motor driver for more power and control options. According to the datasheet both 1 and both 0 should be breaks.


Instead of just setting a pin high you pwm it.

LS Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Module Philippines | Makerlab Electronics

This site uses cookies. Im only using one motor, do i still need the left and right functions? One motor works fine but when I connect the other one the Arduino resets. Same thing for motor B. The voltage used to l91100 the chip is the same voltage used to drive the motors.

So there is no voltage regulator attached.

Circuit diagram The Sketch:: While the datasheet mentions driving stepper motors there is no example schematic in it. Also, depending on your power supply if you are driving the L99110 motors from a higher voltage than the logic partyou may also want to remove the 4 10K resistors at the bottom of the board, these are pull up connected motir VCC.

The HG L is a compact motor driver chip that supports a voltage range from 2. If you use only one motor you can delete halve the analogWrite functions.

L Fan Motor Keyes Board – Rydepier Blog Spot

Your browser does not support JavaScript! Works when connected via USB power to arduino nano but not with a 9v battery. The L works with voltages from 2. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Dual Channel Motor Driver Module HG7881 / L9110 up to 12VDC 800mA Per Channel

Refer to the table below for pin header connections. I think I am under the current draw with. With a claim like that I just had mogor buy one, but I must confess that I have no idea what I will do with it.

I tested the board with 2 small dc motors and fed the chip 5V, the output voltage at full pwm was 4. INA and INB could be supplied with logic signals from any of the digital pins, but the motor speed would not be variable as it would run at full speed in either direction.

Without them, switching the motors on and off will cause voltage spikes on Vcc that will likely cause the AVR to reset. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid by Bajdi. If you want to control the speed of both motors you will l910 4 pwm pins.

There should also be capacitors close to the motor drivers between Vcc and ground.

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