IB master control script. You can also manually control basic InfiniBand behavior by entering the following command:. OFED contains the following components:. Computer memory Computer network organizations. The system displays output like the following:. When you decide on the appropriate access method and package selection, you can add the packages to the KickStart configuration file on RHEL for automatic inclusion in future installations.

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The packages selected to support any given configuration will vary. Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements.

Display OFED Software Version Information – Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch Topic Set

Enter an IP Address: Type Q to exit. It is present as lid 69 and it is being managed by lid 2. As the popularity of InfiniBand technology increases, the number of Linux distributions and open source organizations producing drivers and tools will increase.

In the following example, OFED This installation program will remove any previouslyinstalled IB packages on your machine. The actual installation takes about one minute.

This chapter provides an overview and installation instructions for the InfiniBand software stack for the Linux operating system. Note – These package names can change, depending on the Linux OS. IB master control script. If you need to determine whether or not the drivers are already installed, see To Verify Driver Installation on Linux. If you elected not to install these packages when installing the Linux OS or if you want to upgrade your drivers, you can install these packages at any time from the OS distribution source or by downloading the required files from OpenFabrics.


IB utility to probe and show the fabric. Packages must be installed in the following order:.

During interoperability events, all participating companies have the opportunity to observe all tests run on all products. For up-to-date information, check with open source organizations and your current vendors. See the following message. After the reboot, the Server Module should come up as a functional member of the InfiniBand fabric. Computer memory Computer network organizations. The system displays output like the following:. In the example, the Linux network device appears as ib0.

At that time the alliance ofwd its name to the OpenFabrics Alliance. To do so, choose one of the following procedures:. Enter the ibstat command to verify that the OS sees the IB em. The OFED stack includes software driverscore kernel-code, middlewareand user-level interfaces.

Do you want to continue? The OpenFabrics Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes remote direct memory foed RDMA switched fabric technologies for server and storage connectivity. Type Y to continue, as shown oged.


Software Delivery Repository

When asked if you want to change the configuration as displayed, type y. Trying the default compiler: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Verify that the Linux software driver is installed and foed to the IB EM by typing the openibd status command. IB utility to display HCAs. The alliance sponsors interoperability events at the University of New Hampshire.

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