Long Box Braids Hairstyles with Exotic Look

Long box braids hairstyles are always suitable for women who want to look sexy, exotic and indeed sleek. Since hair is the crown of all women, it is necessary to treat hair rightfully. For that, long box braids are available for women with natural curly hair types. Simply, mostly hairstyles will let their long curly hair to be braided. And then with the style of high ponytail it will give sexy and sporty impressions at the same time.

Still, there are different hairstyles for long box braids. A very good example is showed by Beyoncé with her voluminous long box braids with the top knot. The voluminous top knot gives divine look which is actually made by gathering all the braids to the highest top. And then make the knot. It is not only beautiful and sexy, but it can be done for formal occasions.

For those who want to be looked so feminine, long box braids with side swept will be so recommended. Long box braids hairstyles can be so simple by combining your long box braids and then swept the braids to certain side you like. Use pins or other accessories for keeping the side swept style.

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