The nice thing is that drivers are already included in most operating systems and I was pleasantly surprised that both OpenSolaris and FreeNAS 0. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Not snow ball’s chance i can afford a true hardware raid. When i different drives i mean , like a 73 gb 10K Hitachi and say a 73gb 10k dell. Select the type of volume you want to create, in this case an IME volume. The next screen allows you to choose the type of RAID.

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Core 2 Haf 12 items. Posted April 17, Select Save changes then exit this menu, and then press Enter.


If i had any budget i could do better for sure. Password Please enter a password for your user account. I in now way have any money.

Not ideal, in my opinion, but if you are on a limited budget and want megarad work with what you have, might be worth it.

Installing to RAID 10 on an LSI MegaRaid e – Server Installation – Discussions

Wouldn’t load the driver. Is it possible to see the attached drives in the controller BIOS? It seems rather inexpensive for a RAID card, just want to be safe.


I also put those Ebay links on my watch list.

Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Select the type of volume you want to create, in this case an IME volume. When drive counts expand, so must the servers SATA port count.

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Monitor Sony FW x 80hz. Any ideas what might be wrong? Operating System Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. First, it has an Intel firmware that is geared towards Intel servers with features such as a firmware update tool that works exclusively with EFI servers.

The volume is created. The chip on that HP card is not a E but rather a E. Please enter your comment! Inclusion in the lightweight FreeNAS installation was a major bonus and really highlights the fact that this will be a controller that is supported for years to come. Simply put, this combination is one of the best values for connecting masses of SATA disks to a system where raw performance is not an issue.

Note – Despite the fact that there are dual paths to disks 1 – 7, they are not shown in the BIOS configuration utility. Thanks for the tip, Andy. That is, you cannot mirror a disk with itself.


I also flashed it to the IR firmware and prior firmwares too, but the HDDs are not displayed by the OS although the controller is mapped as mpt0 by the mpt driver:.

Please enter your name here. Because of the angle brackets the dump of the boot logs was not displayed correctly, so here is the corrected one:. Thanks for any advice anyone has.

Is the LSI SAS1068E hardware or software raid?

The next screen allows you to choose the type of RAID. Use the arrow keys to highlight the [No] item in the Hot Spr column for the disks you want to use as hot-spares. I am also running FreeNAS 7. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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