The Wind U presents itself as a classic plain netbook at an especially attractive price. As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representation , you can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane. MSI builds in a 1. However, my local Best Buy didn’t have it on display on Sunday, and the Best Buy Web site currently shows the machine as being back-ordered. To what extent will the new technology contribute a performance gain for the upcoming netbook generation? With Intel’s update of its own netbook platform “Pine Trail”, there is now reason enough for MSI to refresh its netbook range and to release a few new models.

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The MSI Wind U seems not to be able to translate this, as it can be observed, and above all heard, that the fan runs permanently even without load.

Contrarily, the noise level always stays in an unremarkable field even at fast typing. Our black prototype’s great tendency to smudge smothers the initial exhilaration very quickly, in our opinion. You’ll have to count with the displayed image being cut on the right edge, especially when surfing in the web or even in many office applications.

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As pretty as the reflective surfaces may be to look at, everyday use turns out to be even more tedious. It’s almost impossible to handle the netbook without leaving related traces on it. If you’re in the market for a Netbook, it’s a touhpad read. Our prototype reaches an equally satisfactory battery runtime of minutes here.


To what extent ntbook the new technology contribute a performance gain for the upcoming netbook generation? The maximum volume is ttouchpad, the sound everything else than worth hearing. System Noise Basically, the hardware component development considerably lower TDP would also lead to a lower system noise, as there is a lot less potential waste heat. If there now were suspicious case surface temperatures noticed, something would likely be badly wrong with the prototype.

The Eee is always a few seconds faster in each runthrough, which however can’t really be determined subjectively in the performance of both netbooks.

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MSI regards the touchpad built into the U as “wider and more attractive”. The front and back remain unfettered from connections.

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Loudspeakers MSI builds in two little squeakers on the base unit’s bottom left and right front corner.

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MSI builds in a 1. In our opinion, it would be very sensible to basically decrease the volume at the expense of a few degrees more case temperature. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: A considerably lower battery life in all areas is noticed when comparing the achieved results with those of the Asus Eee p, and that at an almost equal battery capacity p: You get the usual Wind fare that correlates to the positioning in the touch;ad sector in terms of connectivity.


It isn’t obtrusive with That said, the Wind is able to toggle between a high performance mode and a slower mode designed to extend the run time. MSI builds in two little squeakers on the base unit’s bottom left and right front corner. The netbook’s soundscape, in particular the always present netblokcould be an issue for sensitive ears.

We could record a runtime of about minutes in the practical WLAN test with maximum display brightness and enabled energy savings profile. Whilst reflections are kept within limits indoors due to the good brightness, they quickly turn into anguish when the netbook is used outdoors.

The user can also expect the common standards as communication modules with wireless LAN It must be new there too as there aren’t yet any customer reviews. Read in the following review if the netbook can benefit from the new, significantly more energy efficient components.

The display could make an overall positive impression in the technical measurements. Merely the netbook without any special supplies can be ordered in Germany. The other extreme, that is to say the minimum possible battery life under load max.

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