This is not strange to hear Mohawk hairstyles. This is one of the hairstyles which cut both sides hair and remain the hair on the center of the head starts from the front until the back. Usually, the remaining hair will be designed with the hair gel so it can stand vertically. Have you ever […]

Small box braids hairstyles give softer and smoother look for the appearances of the hair. For that, many teenage girls will prefer these hairstyles. Because it also gives wide variety of ways to style the hair. Then, teenage girls are really fond of hairstyles which are not too much and not too striking. It means […]

There are some choices when you are going to make the beautiful bob hairstyle. What are them? You will be able to find the straight, curly and also wavy bob hairstyles. Which one do you like most? You can select the wavy hairstyles as the middle hairstyles between the straight and also the curly hairstyles. […]

Traditional Japanese hairstyles have several types that are definitely used in different ways and for different purposes as well. Taregami is one form of the hairstyle that was originated from the Heian period of Japan. This hairstyle is just a simple long hairstyle without even any binding on it. Back then Japanese noblewomen begin the […]

Are you interested in the curly bob hairstyles? It gives fashionable hair performance for women. It does not matter whether you are black or white. If you feel bored with your old long hair, you can try this fashionable hairstyle as your new hairstyles. This bob hairstyle will beautify your face while you are applying […]

The short spiky hairstyles for women are the eye-catching hairstyles. This hairstyle offers different hair appearance from many graceful women’s hairstyles. Women will have short haircut with standing hair. Are you brave to apply this eye-catching hairstyle? Not all women will be brave to have it as their hairstyles. It does not reflect graceful women […]

The sassy bob haircuts become the most favorite hair style for the young women. Many people think that the sassy look is not good for the adult women. That is why this hair style is strongly recommended for the young women. Of course this opinion is not true. Even though you are in the mature […]